The range of its services extends from storage, picking and packaging to distribution, integrating porter services and operational consulting. RIA Express also implements more specific services such as the preparation, forwarding of AIR Express shipments and checks of all export documentation, logistics management for smaller islands and air and sea cargo operations. Since the eighties, offers transport and delivery services, including luxury products, anticipating the logic of shipping goods, now widespread and standardized by global giants.
Today the company maintains its core business as UPS Authorized Agent.
Since 2015, RIA can boast on the exclusive regional of an international customer like UPS.

Distribution Campania, Molise, Basilicata

Integrated logistics (storage, picking, packaging & distribution)

Porter services

Operational consulting and I.E.

Specializes in preparing and forwarding AIR Express shipments

Specialized in the control of export documents

Specialized services for minor islands

Air and sea cargo