Immobiliare IN was founded in 1998 and has as its main services the management of real estate assets, offering all-inclusive services, turnkey. The company is structured to manage the acquisition, renovation and adaptation of many types of buildings, such as warehouses used for storage and parking of goods and vehicles, or buildings of commercial and residential type. IMMOBILIARE IN takes care of every step of the process, dealing with all the financial, bureaucratic aspects, also managing another kind of services, such as cleaning and porter. Leader in the field of industrial logistics, the company today has expanded its business by offering real estate services in the field of industrial prefabricated; it also deals with the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of real estate, real estate practices, tax credit and energy efficiency. His commitment to sustainability is also expressed in the installation of photovoltaic systems.


Also in the real estate sector, the RIA group is characterized by its ethical approach: Immobiliare IN operates by applying virtuous practices, an essential part of the reputation of the company. The RIA Express Group constantly takes care of its work ethic: the concept of inclusiveness and equal opportunities is the foundation of the group’s entrepreneurial line. Creating a more inclusive work environment, improving job performance: it is proved, that inclusive companies have a greater capacity to attract and catalyze new talent. Environmental, social and governance issues are among the main objectives of the group’s companies, aimed at meeting the growing expectations of the market. Social responsibility has the potential to change the future of real estate sector in order to meet consumer needs.